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For the Love of Table Football, Why I Stayed Up for 48 Hours

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Update: is no longer a live site

What a weekend! it all started on Friday night, a feverish last minute planning session began on how we would implement “Wuzlr”. We’d bounced around some ideas earlier in the week and had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, whittling that down into a set of features we could implement in 48 hours was no easy task, there was so many good ideas and we didn’t have time to implement them all. At 1am it all began…

The Pitch

If your office is anything like ours things get pretty serious whenever a game of table football breaks out (especially when @theozaurus is playing). We’ve wanted a way to track who’s the best in the office for quite some time, finally we have just the thing, and so do you. Wuzlr is a table football league tracking application that lets you see performance over time with all sorts of fun and interesting facts and figures displayed.

Wuzlr (or wuzler if you use the correct non web 2.0 spelling) is the Austrian word for table football and just so happened to be the first domain we came across that’s still available. We also liked the hat tip to the ‘e’ dropping crowd, no, not you party people, I’m talking about flickr and the like.

Application Features

  • Create leagues and record all your games, Check out the Jiva office league
  • Compare yourself to other players, Me Vs. Theo
  • View your nemesis, best team mate, worst team mate and more, my player page
  • League standings, games played per day, table bias, most dedicated players (who’s put the most time in)

Our Team

Yes we know the site looks terrible in IE, who uses IE anyway?