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My Computer Loves Autotest-fsevent

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I’m a big fan of autotest for testing, unfortunately it does stress my poor MacBook Pro and makes the fan go berserk if running anything other than the most simple of test suites. This is due to autotest having to check each file in your project for changes.

No more will autotest stress out my mac, autotest-fsevent is a great gem that uses OS X’s FSEvent system to be notified when files have changed rather than having to constantly poll the filesystem. You need mac OS X 10.5 or later to take advantage of FSEvent.

The other nice thing autotest-fsevent does is take care of all the .autotest config options, I managed to delete my entire config file which I’ve been tweaking for as long as I can remember trying to get the perfect setup.

I can now run even the most demanding of test suites and my computer barely breaks a sweat. Thanks bitcetera, my computer ♥’s you.