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Is Anyone Else Excited About Merb 1.0?

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I certainly am, Merb 1.0 is due to be announced at MerbCamp on the 11th October 2008. Right now the guys are hard at work polishing the knobs and working on documentation.

I’ve been following Merb with interest ever since I first heard about it. One of the things I found hard to keep up with – just dipping into it now and then – was the speed of development and change. Every time I had a few minutes to play with it everything had changed. Its a bit like having the rug pulled out from under you every time you manage to get to your knees.

The 1.0 release Merb should be far more stable, and with some decent documentation I hope it will start taking off quickly, the barrier to entry will be greatly reduced. Even though I won’t be at MerbCamp I’ll certainly be following it closely.

I wonder if the 1.0 release will be promptly followed by a 1.0.1 release, as is tradition.