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UK Does It Better... I Agree

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So the rain has backed off for the first sustained period since I moved back to the UK, I’ve taken the opportunity to lay on the grass in the sun and read a book I picked up the other day, Punk Marketing. Not that far in and I’m all ready enjoying it, who would have thought a book on marketing could be entertaining!

I came across a quote I thought I would share…

“Go to a multiplex, sit through the ads, and see how abused you feel by the start of the movie. Then to to a cinema in the UK and motive that most people turn up to view those commercials. Because they are actually fun-sensible and intriguing and full of messages that make people applaud.Yes, shout out with glee! These are entertaining, funny, well-produced, and cool. Four terms you’d never use to describe an ad at movies in the US of A today.”

I couldn’t agree more, those poor Canadians are force fed the majority the USA’s crappy ads. What’s probably worse is that often the product or service isn’t even available to them! I digress, having suffered with the Canadians for the last three years I can say I would gladly watch several hours of English commercials than a single US ad break.

In closing… Well done Britain, we produce some of the best ads in the world.